Friday, June 21, 2002

Well, you know who is here... and she's already making a racket. She's currently breaking open a bottle of gin I got for the party and yelling at me about what I'm doing on the computer. She wants a complete list of elligible guys who are coming to the party, complete with reasons why I'm not dating any of them. Hmmm.... let's see... "Too skinny... Too annoying... Junkie... Gay... Dumb bastard."

Oh, goodie, now Dana's trying to squeeze her ass into my favorite pair of leather pants. Well, if I'm ever gonna look even half way foxy ever again, I better go and de-pants her.

I'll try to check in during the party, but no promises! If you're coming, remember, it's 9:00 tomorrow and yes, you can bring a bottle with you, how lovely you asked!

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

So, at Jeremy’s request I include the details of my trip to New York.

Whitney Museum of American Art:
Only two floors were open, but at least it was half price. And I discovered a new artist that I love: Paul Cadmus.

Banaras: City of Light

Stumbled upon this show at the Asia Society quite by accident (aka looking for a bathroom after a three mojito lunch), but it was so awesome. Besides pictures of this beautiful ancient Indian city from the turn of the century, there was also this fully interactive tour of all the ways this city figures into both Hindu mythology and Hindu life. Apparently, if you bath in the river Ganga there as you are dying, you are released from the cycle of reincarnation. The amazing thing is that you don’t press buttons or use a mouse to activate things in the exhibit. Instead, you pick up objects that make video spring to life, or turn a bicycle rickshaw wheel to take a virtual tour of the city. Pretty much everything you touched there, made some image or sound come to life.

Great Food
Two restaurants really stood out at being great for the money, especially since we were staying at Jackie’s brother’s apartment on the upper east side. Circus, which is this Brazilian place where we drank many Brazilian mojitos and talked soccer with the owner.
And Suan, this amazing Thai place with a garden out back, where I ate enough squid to sink the Nautilus.

Stiff Little Fingers

Ok, for reasons still unclear, Jackie thought it would be a great idea for us to do acid at a punk rock show. The music was great but it really seemed like the band was a thousand miles away because of the acid. It was like they were somewhere just past the moon and I was watching them through a telescope. There was like a 45 minute period when I was convinced they only made sounds when I looked directly at them. It was like silence, music, silence, music.

David Bowie vs. the Powerpuff Girls
The Museum of Television and Radio had dueling exhibits, one featuring tons of David Bowie documentaries and the other celebrating the Cartoon Network. Needless to say, much time was spent.

That’s about it. And yes, Jeremy, I got lucky….

My head still hurts.

What the fuck? Maybe I'm coming down with something. Energy low. Need Red Bull. Need Mountain Dew. Need... a nice long nap.

Evil Virgin does not understand these pressures. I wonder if I started emailing her the studies that show naps improve productivity, if she'd institute a policy, office-wide, mandatory for all drones. I'd have to send them from someone else's account, of course.

That would be a glorious day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I am back, and my head is still killing me. There are BAD PEOPLE out there who are my friends, and they make young innocent creatures like me do horrible, evil things. Awful things. Terrible things.

And I will never, ever do it again. I hope.

In other words, it was a hell of weekend.

Random memory: thank you Mr. DJ, for this band. How can I explain it? Gothic surf. Just like Ben & Jerry's - take the best flavors of the mid-90s, and spin them together into one big ripple. Vampire Beach Babes.

I'll let you know when the rest of the blur subsides into a meaningful sequence of events. I remember looking really hot in a borrowed corset. And I remember a very big house party at a very big house. Or was it an apartment building?

Evil, evil children....