Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Minty's still out of blog's reach, so I, faithful Jeremy, shall continue updating things. Of course, since I'm not a rampant exhibitionist like Ms. Minty, I don't have as much to say. However, fearing just such silence. I made another poem out of a section of Minty's blog.

To remind you the secret of poetry, follow these three easy steps, (1) Capture some prose, (2) Run it through the Lost in Translation website which translates it into life five different languages then back to english, and (3) delete parts you don't like. Voila, instant poetry! Here's the poem:

Boston takes the black color more under the surfaces
and stabbed it.
Possession could also.
I have of a measurer the butterfly and, the man, Ing.
Who I slaughter that I have?
Who I slaughter that I have?

I strike of the end for the ascent.
Scott almost ignited in the fire,
of which the form projects burning itself of sambuka.

how much hour is after Boston
and if "the three of us tonight?" of the signs?
Demons of Jeremy and of I
form to bars with two types,
of that blogs they have
and the three of us we connected,
the end to examine the efforts the Blogging of everything.
One of them had continued,
excess that the end when demanding
explains the applicable names of the way.

It aligns white women, of those who of music, elegant Bessy,
of that one the healthful guide of the ghosts of the world is
white woman of gentleman, Siouxsie,
disowned to friend of the sex,
of which it was Japanese the alcohol-ill place setting jazz of the person of Jeremy, obtained the indicated cattles the supply of Bebop,
the example of the tiger,
the operation, the zone,
The substance appreciates....
One disappears that you know, that...

He is broken
has opened to the outside
The ampere hour, goodie, hour damages, of that one test,
to press the relative donkey in my preferential connection of the leather trousers.
If you stop to come, he is called,
you asked how much of the pretty way!
reincarnation of the cycle.
The narcotic thing.
with the garden one has left the buttock external,
where I ate enough
the end not still to come.

all the air line of the moon and I observed it of a telescope.
when they had been useless who had only given the form to the noises, .
It was as silence, music, silence, music.

Which kisses it?
I possibly go for lower I with something.
A call has the pleasant length of the necessity
of the necessity of the dew of the small mountain....
They are I are strange
this one that improve the small hats to stand out,
He has DEFECTIVE PEOPLE who are of here,
new of the people of the creatures,
he gives to form the terrible and defective things.
Terrible things.
Terrible things.

Rectum like & very; Jerry
to make the better examinación of flavors
and her transforms it inside with a great oscillation.
Boy of the beach of the vampire.

I memory to consider
And I memory of the very greater part
from the house to one
marries the great one very.
Or was this one a construction?
Seriously defective children....

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Hello all. Jeremy here, doppleganging poor Minty, who can't be with you. Think of me as Little Billy filling in while that Family Circus guy is on vacation. Here's Minty's pleading email:
Jeremy, I'm still stuck working from my bosses office and am way too freaked to risk updating my blog from her computer, lest she find it. Could you put some stuff on it for me?

It's almost enough to make one sob, isn't it? Especially, the way she writes "bosses" instead of "boss's". Gasp!

So, slick, what would you like to see here? Should I talk about my sexual exploits? Should I talk about Minty's sexual exploits? Should I tell you Minty's real name? Double Gasp!

Oh, I know, here's one of my paintings. It's called

And So It Was When Each of Them Was Called to Fall

And speaking of calling, I've got to go. People are calling to woo me.


(Actually a nap is calling, but I'm sure I'll dream about sex.)