Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Guess which item on this list of trivia really appeals to me:

Dust: It's Where We Come From....

* What makes dust is its size: anything under 65 microns is dust. By comparison, a single hair is around 100 microns wide, and the period at the end of this sentence is 300 microns across.

* Without dust, there would be no rain - the water vapor in clouds needs something solid to condense around.

* The dust floating freely in the atmosphere helps deflect solar radiation, making Earth a nicer place to live.

* The colors on butterfly wings are made of thousands of millions of tiny, colorful scales - which are constantly being shed into the air as dust.

* Most dust in your home is made of human skin. The average person sheds 50 million scales of skin every day.

* Every day, 100 tons of dust drifts onto our planet from exploding stars.

* By comparison, the Sahara Desert loses two million tons of dust a day. On the Caribbean island of Barbados, the soil almost entirely consists of dust blown across the Atlantic from the Sahara over the last 750,000 years.

* Scientists can tell the difference between the dust that blows into your house from the desert, falls off your skin or lands from outer space by looking at it under a powerful microscope. Grains of supernova dust have little round beads around the outside - where tiny amounts of metal melted and oozed out.

* You probably inhale around 150,000 dust particles with every breath.

* Dust from industrial pollution reduces crops in China by up to 30 percent. The yellowish cloud of dust is also visible from space, blowing into the Pacific Ocean.

* Every solar system is created from floating clouds of dust, which, thanks to gravity, gradually glom together into a sun and planets.

* Every human being is surrounded by an aura of dust - and not just from skin. Office workers carry dust from ink and paper, carpenters are in a haze of sawdust, and cooks live inside a floating halo of flour.

* Even if you're sitting absolutely still, you are increasing the dust in the room by 500 percent!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Dude! I missed Bastille Day!

Ah, the splendor of France... the refinement... the lights.

The history...

...the architecture....

Monday, July 15, 2002

Spider man, spider man

Does whatEVER a spider can...

Don't open this link like at work unless they're like cool with... uhhh... extreme superhero fantasy.

No news about the weekend is good news. I'm still not strong enough to dance, but, as Friday evening proved, I can still drink. Although not quite to the point of embarrassment. Mental note: good friends are the friends that say "Hey, cool," when you tell them you're not buying another martini.

I must be getting old.