Friday, October 04, 2002

Buckle down time.

That's it. I'm going to get something done if it kills me.éº

I hereby declare, gazing boldly into the future, thatéº I will be a novelist!

Yes, I have joined National Novel Writing Month. Official éºslogan: it doesn't have to be good, it just has to get done.

Expect frequent interruptions to this journal during the month of éºNovember, because I'll be working on something else.

So, now for ideas.....


éºIn other news, I'm actually giddy over the prospect of a date tonight. It's nuts. Don't they sell cynicism in aerosol cans anéºymore? Oh ironic, wry, bitter 90s, come back! All is forgiven! éº


The cops came by last night. Two of them. For someone like me, who only knows cops from TV and traffic tickets, it was very odd. They were like... plumbers. Or electricians. Guys doing their job, trying to fix something that was broken. A strange revelation for a city girl like me. Aren't we supposed to be familiar with the mechanisms of law enforcement just by, hello, virtue of the lifestyle? I suddéºenly feel so... suburban. Sheltered.

They took their notes and said they might come back if anything developed. I was surprised by that, too, I suppose. The Society Plumbers were actually, like, taking me seriously. They were éºtrying to help.

An end to irony, indeed.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I've been noticing birds lately.

I know that sounds corny, but I think it's a... change in the weather.


(the computer is still acting weird, so I have to cut it short.)

(as you can no doubt see, if the last post was any indication.)

Anyway, I've noticed I've been thinking dark thoughts lately, and my grandmother says, "Dark thoughts make a dark sky," so I'm intentionally brightening up. Flowers aren't really in season any more, but I've been noticing birds. It's nice.

I called the police about Arthur (Quest 2, still in warped action!), and they said they'd send somebody to talk to me later at my apartment.The cops make house calls?

Jeremy, upon reading about Quest 1, has decided to return the favor. He set me up for a date tomorrow night with someone he promises I'll like. He's mopey, dopey and nuts all over, he says. Jeremy, as you can tell, is brain damaged.


But the thing is, contrary to all my habits and common sense, I'm actually looking forward to this. I even find myself wanting to [shudder] go slow dancing. Maybe I'm not listening to enough kéº$’kÍXn

die pop. Too much Journey on the oldies station at the deli, maybe. Junior high dance memories - my older cousins' junior high dance memories, actually, which makes them even more pronouced, oddly. So, lifted on the rising currents of borrowed nostalgia, I spread my black wings and soar, gazing at the earth below me only to seek out tasty morsels of fragrant carrion. Yea, verily, I *am* the vulture of romance!

Or maybe I'm just horny.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

I feel guilty for not updating. I feel even guiltier for not having much of a life. The most exciting thing that ahas happened to me lately: my college boyfriend has gotten engaged (go ex! viva love! I'm perfectly happy being alone!)R, and my computer is t starting to act really weird whenever I'm online.

I start getting lots of characters I know I didn't type in any blank space I'd normally be able to type in. You won't believe hhow long it has taken towrite this entry. uuuu Shit, it's doing it again. delete delete.

The weird thing is is is it does it ast home *and* at work. Is this some weiird virusll or something? It makes NO sense, and it's getting annoying, and if I write offline, it doesn't happen. But if I'm connected and writing in AAWord or somethilng, iit hvappens. Shit. I givee up. This is messed up.