Saturday, October 19, 2002

Clark Kent called. He was apologetic about asking me to go see Secretary (without admitting he'd done anything wrong, of course), was very sweet about wanting to buy me dinner, and seemed very sensitive to issues of trust and what you could call "boundaries."

I'm going to accept the dinner. I still don't know if he's a perv - maybe he's from California and has been through tons of therapy, or maybe he's just very aware and emotionally intelligent. If so, why is he still single??

Friday, October 18, 2002

I'm trying to decide what to do with the little souvenir I brought back from Arthur's place. I'm not sure why I brought it home with me - it's just a photocopy of an old woodcut of some sort. Maybe it proves to me that I was really there? Not that I'd forget, just that part of me doesn't really believe it anymore....and the Nancy Drew in me wants to go back, prove that it wasn't all that bad. Maybe I should put the woodcut back? Maybe it's a clue for something?

It's definitely strange... kind of creepy looking. Seriously. There's this guy with a big axe of some sort in one hand facing a dead tree. There's a big black bird up near the top of this leafless tree, watching the guy. Maybe the bird is inspecting what's coming out of the guy's mouth? I can't decide if it's a forked tongue or a human hand. Anyway, the whole scene is framed with these round shapes. They're like clouds or bubbles, except that they're on the ground as well... The edges of the original page have been torn off, but there are some letters and words left that show up on the photocopy - just enough to see that the writing isn't in English.

I'd forgotten all about the woodcut until the cops came back on Wednesday. Yes, they kept their appointment and were precisely on time... (It must be nice to be able to park anywhere and not worry about getting a ticket!) They had questions that seemed mostly like a rehash of their last visit, not particularly useful. So I started talking about Arthur getting involved with Phil's group, then asked about Phil's death. One of them seemed really surprised, and the other one went all official. "That incident is still under investigation and we can't talk about it." Then they both went back to being Society Plumbers, very nice and not at all scary-TV-cops, so I decided to push just a little. I went off about how I introduced the two of them, I was their friend and I felt responsible somehow and dammit I had a right to know what was going on! It didn't do any good. I guess Plumbers don't talk about what they see in other houses...

The worst thing is that part of it was true. I spent most of Thursday moping because I did feel responsible... for everything.

But it's Friday now, and to steal a quote:

So I introduced Phil and Arthur. And, yes, I don't know where Arthur is or what he's doing these days. But do I really believe that Phil and his group of weirdos is responsible for Arthur's absence? Maybe just a little, but only because they're weirdos. Meaning only that I don't know what they do.

Do I really believe that Arthur had anything to do with Phil's death? No, of course not. Arthur is a slightly shy bookish librarian, a complete sweetheart with one marginally odd hobby ... who I'm making sound like the serial killer that nobody ever suspected of anything.

No. Arthur had nothing at all to do with Phil's death.
Nothing. At. All.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

It's Sunday. And I'm confused...

Clark Kent and I went out to his favorite restaurant for Thai food, and we had a wonderful evening. The food was wonderful; good enough to make me forget I was getting tired of pad thai. Clark was funny, warm, and attentive and asked if I wanted to go see Secretary. Have I let a pervert into my life?

Mind you, it's not like he asked me to go to "In the Realm of the Senses." And I have nothing against the occasional spanking between friends. (Jeremy - I'm still not going to tell you if I'd be giving or getting!) And, this could certainly explain why he was so very good at calming me down and taking care of me after Phil's freakoid buddy accosted us at the club. But Secretary isn't exactly a "we just started dating" sort of movie.

Sigh. I didn't really need the reminder that "perverts" who are into BDSM are generally nice people. But I guess I did need the reminder that I don't know anything at all about the man behind the Clark Kent mask. And I'm still not sure I want to see that movie with him...

In other news, the police have made an appointment to talk to me some more about Arthur's vanishing act. An appointment! That's something else you don't see on TV...