Saturday, November 02, 2002

Better now - the house has coffee and bread and such, and I have enough three cent stamps to last until they raise the rates again...

I think I'm going to that party tonight. Not sure what I'm going to wear yet, though. I'm not wearing the corset again, or heels; maybe something simple for a change.
So much for posting later. Work got ugly (I wasn't the only one who'd obviously had more fun than the Evil Virgin Bitch deemed appropriate, and she took it out on everybody), and I came home to the wreckage from the wee hours of Friday morning. I had to clean up all the bits of costuming that I'd shed (and am still shedding - there's going to be glitter in my apartment for months!). And then I collapsed, slept for over 12 hours...

Tales from Halloween: Clark was a highwayman - a dashing, highly romantasized robber. (He kept "stealing" kisses all night, I played into it and did damsel in distress for a while, he retaliated with mock ravishing... Definitely not PC and we got some funny looks, but it was lots of fun.)

People kept mistaking him for a pirate; if one more drunken fratboy asked him where his eye-patch (or parrot, or peg leg, or hook) was, I'm afraid he might have attempted to use the plastic blade he was carrying.

Sheila does indeed rock. She and Stephen went dressed as each other's bosses - very cute. Stephen's got nice legs, did surprisingly well in his skirt and (low) heels. I teased him about knowing where to shop for heels in his size and he looked kind of blank, then Sheila said she'd done all of his outfitting and he flushed. I'm guessing she introduced him to the "joys" of tucking his privates out of the way so as to not disrupt the line of his skirt. She may introduce him to other things as well; they had a running joke about giving each other memos and it got a little pointed here and there. Nothing nasty, but there were interchanges where they each were obviously conscious that the other person was standing in as their boss, and occasions where the genderfuck stirred stuff around in Stephen's head...

Did I mention that Sheila is absolutely gorgeous, and stunning in trousers and a tie? And comfortable wearing the genitalia that she made Stephen hide? I'm surrounded by perverts. (And I wouldn't have it any other way...)

I can't remember all the places we danced and drank. We got glitterbombed by a very cute fey fairy (the source of the persistent stuff), given chicken by a Colonel Sanders, and got shooters and jello shots as treats in various establishments... We also ran into a group that Sheila knows from somewhere - this woman (Nora??) appeared while we were resting and hanging out, gave Sheila a big hug, and invited us all to a party that's happening tonight.

I may go, but I'm not sure. Sheila and Stephen are out of town this weekend and Clark's got some relative coming in from Florida for a couple of days, so I'd be going alone. Not that that's a big problem - the whole group seemed cool. They were all done up in vaguely pagan costumes: a couple of demons (all shackled!) and a couple of wizards/mages of some sort, a witch, one Glinda the Good, one very impressive Green Man, and a couple of priestesses of one sort or another. Nora (I hope that's her name) was one of the priestesses, and she seemed to radiate calm and security and peaceful energy. She gave me a card with the info for the party and if I hadn't found it while cleaning up last night, I don't think I'd have remembered at all.

As much as I don't want to right now, I must go out and brave the weather - it's cold enough that the weather info is giving a wind-chill as well as an air temperature.

Friday, November 01, 2002

It's The Day of The Dead.

Appropriate, given the hangover I have... And I was going to be so good last night, given that my presence at work today is MANDATORY.... (Bitch!)
This will be short and discrete, given that I am at work, but suffice it to say that I'm still wearing enough (very persistent) glitter that Clark put some feathers back into my hair this morning and they look good. Everybody but my boss agrees with me on this. (Evil Bitch.)

More later - duty calls.

No, it shrieks. And it sucks.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Well, I'm wide awake now. I had another weird dream and it woke me up; somehow I don't think I'm going to get back to sleep anytime soon. The fried egg monsters made another appearance, but they weren't in cows or bunnies this time, were independent and full-sized just like in that old Star Trek. But, unlike Star Trek, they weren't dropping from the ceiling and attacking people but glomming together into clumps that got up and walked around like miniature people. And they sang to each other with voices that sounded kind of buzzy - almost as if you put cellophane over a comb and hummed through it. It wasn't a language or a tune that I recognize at all now, but it sounded so very familiar in the dream...

I was walking around and doing some shopping in a funky neighborhood (I wanted to buy chopsticks and a laundry basket - what does that mean??), and these things were there and singing and moving in patterns that seemed meaningful. None of the other people on the streets seemed to see them at all. Those things could touch people without being noticed, too - the people seemed to turn opaque somehow when they were touched, and the things got sort of translucent like layers of oil-soaked paper. I woke up when I could see internal organs developing in the monsters...

I almost wish they'd been wearing little red suits - if it had turned into Twin Peaks it would have been funny and I probably would have kept on sleeping. Well, maybe it wouldn't have been funny, but at least those writhing internal organs would have been covered. ick. I have no feeling that the dream is ridiculous - it made sense while I was there and it all seemed important. Except for the chopsticks.

I'm starting to ramble... I should take some benadryl and try to go back to sleep. I need to get some sleep tonight. Stephen called (he sounded really apologetic that he hadn't been in touch sooner, and he sounds head over heels in infatuation with this Sheila person). We're supposed to get together tomorrow night, all four of us, and go on some sort of club crawl with a small group of folks Sheila knows. If there are no translucent dwarves around, I think I can cope with whatever Clark Kent wears!

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Had a dream last night about those last two entries. It sounds like a joke, but it's true. It was all crossed with that Star Trek episode, with the fried-egg looking alien critters that shlorp onto the backs of people's heads that turn out to be brain cells. Spock blinds himself to get one of them off him with bright light.

In my dream, they had taken over cows, deer, rabbits, (etc) and the cows (etc) were living inside my blood vessels, like these giant tubes with red bushes and stuff. But the brain-cell-alien-infected cows were destroying all the bushes.

I think I should never listen to this song (The Democracy of Small Things) before bedtime again. No matter how much I like the "Little Sally Tutorial" at the end of the album.... Blow, you are mining my heart and soul for material, are you not? Clapping games and sex talk. And the low-fidelity sultry she-singer. If only I could sing, that'd be me.

For some reason, I'm finding it really hard work to get psyched up for Halloween this year. I mean, I'm psyched, but it's work. Maybe it's Clark Kent - I fear the sensitive perv's costume sense. We're surprising each other. This should be a dating shakedown - a chance to show each other our ids. Although he's seen plenty of mine the last couple nights....

Yet another reason to go vegetarian.....

The idea of a bunch of wild animals suffering from Mad Cow disease is somehow really frightening.