Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I don't even know if it's worth it to type this in - my entry from last Thursday isn't up, and it's Wednesday already. I may have to move my blog somewhere else if I want you, dear reader, to know what's going on...

The police have assigned a detective to Arthur's disappearance. No more society plumbers, we have the specialist on the job now. He was a little brusque, a little tightly wound, but efficient. Asked all sorts of questions about Phil, had already seen Arthur's blog... Somehow I don't feel as confident as I did after the first police interview. Maybe it's that he seemed nosy about my apartment, whether or not I'd had problems with bugs; or maybe it's that he reminded me of a
naked mole rat. Don't know why - he's not bald, not pink and squishy, not beady-eyed... (actually, he's not bad looking at all!)

Lunch with Nora was a nice break. I didn't get too soaked, and the meal was wonderful - a weird little Chinese hole-in-the-wall with incredibly flavorful soup (no MSG!) and the best crispy chicken dish I've ever had. And, of course, the company was wonderful - I think I'm going to adopt Nora as my older sister. We talked politics and things occult (she knew Phil and his group, thinks they were too ego-oriented to accomplish much), as well as music and broken hearts.

I feel really sorry for Stephen - I tried to call him to see what he was doing for Thanksgiving, but couldn't reach him. I hope he's with his family!