Monday, December 09, 2002

Oh, and this is just beautiful. Really makes my whole day seem so much better. Puts *my* problems RIGHT into perspective.

I'll just cheer up with some uplifting literature.

I'm tired. It's cold outside, it's freezing in here, and I'm feeling stiff and sore all over.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

I'm tired of talking to cops, of thinking about cops, of coming home at night and turning on the news as if it's some horror movie that I'm a part of, waiting for the supporting player to finally turn up dead. I'm tired of secrets and mysteries. I'm even getting tired of Clark Kent - I shouldn't write that, because he probably reads this thing, but still. No more fights. No more fights.

Maybe it's this: I tried to go Christmas shopping over the weekend, and in the second store I went into, (Garment District in Cambridge) I found this perfect Hawaiian shirt with a butterfly print on it. Perfect. If he was still... here. And yes, crying over other boys isn't the way to keep your relationship going, but still, it's not like he and I were even going out.

Maybe that's why Clark's been drawing shit on the woodcut - adding branches to the tree while I'm not looking. And then gets an attack of the Not Me ghost. Childish. Depressing.

And that cop... the Mole Rat. He freaks me out. I saw him outside my job the other day as I was heading out to lunch. He seemed underdressed for the weather. Thin. Tired. Achy. Like me. Maybe I'm coming down with something.