Monday, December 30, 2002

I just saw Stephen die again today.

This hysterical shit just about ruined my Christmas. This time, he was climbing on an awning over a bodega-style grocery in Brooklyn. I was sure it was him - I waved, he looked at me, then fell backwards down the below-the-sidewalk stairwell. CLANG! Crunch.

Christmas in New York. Gifts were given and received, and I'm walking through it like a zombie. I'm starting to feel like the city hates me. The cities, I should say.

Once again, I ran over, and once again, nobody there, and nobody knew what I was talking about, why I was freaking out on the sidewalk.

I emailed him that evening, and he responded the next day, still in Boston, still alive, and really wired about this packet of information he has for me - his "findings", all scanned and put on a CD.

I wonder if the crazies are contagious?

CLANG!Crunch. Almost like a cartoon. I can almost laugh about it, now. What is going on with me? This can't be normal, can it?