Monday, January 13, 2003

I'm very tired. I don't sleep much any more. Not lately.

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who divide the world into two camps, and all the rest of you losers.

No, really, what I want to say is there are people who want to be involved in Big Things, who want to get elected mayor, or find cures for cancer, or fight crime on the mean streets of Gotham. And then there are people like me. Who want to grab a few quick moments of joy in between naps and work and all the crap life throws at you.

Which is to say, I've gotten one of those legendary "leads the police won't touch" about some of the stuff that I've written about here, and I'm torn between dropping it all (like some other involved parties) or doing something out of character for me and playing the part of vigilante detective. Because some people out there know something. ("character" - "part" - does the drama club still show or what?)

All I have to do is find someone and ask some questions.


In other news, I've taken down the woodcut. Someone had been drawing things on it (house guests? mysterious non-thieving burglars? psycho ex-boyfriends?) and it was freaking me out. Besides which, bugs had started eating away at a food stain or something on it - leaving trails of eaten-away-space like cross-country ski tracks on snow. Officially, the only reminder of the whole thing is my nagging conscience and a folder Stephen dropped off at my apartment. I could just file it away, along with my grad school applications and a ream of old dress designs.


In other other news, North Korea may well blow up the entire world. Happy 2003, Planet Earth! Hope you like fireworks!!